Collegiate Membership (MCFPS) by Assessment

The MCFP(S) is the professional benchmark for recognition as Senior Family Physicians. It may be attained via one of 2 routes. Family physicians with GDFM must undergo the MCFP(S) by assessment, while those with MMed(FM) may be elected by interview.

Collegiate Membership of the College / MCFP(S) by Assessment

Aims and Objectives:

In line with international standards of awarding professional membership by objective assessments and validation, the MCFP(s) by Assessment Programme was introduced.


The applicant must fulfil the following entry requirements:

1) Professional

  • Be an Ordinary or Associate Member of the College of Family Physicians Singapore for at least 2 years,
  • Has held a registrable or acceptable qualification for not less than 3 years,
  • Has been engaged in family practice for not less than 3 years, or has undergone an approved training programme for at least 2 years in disciplines relevant to family practice as may from time to time be defined,
  • Be in professional good standing (with a letter of good standing signed off by someone with MCFP(S) or above).

2) Academic

  • Possess MRCGP(UK) or equivalent family medicine training and qualification, AND GDFM

  • Possess MMed (Internal Medicine) or MRCP(UK) or equivalent internal medicine training and qualification, AND GDFM with at least 6 months experience working in a family medicine practice setting of which at least 3 months must be in primary ambulatory care within the last 3 years.


Candidates will need to submit the following for assessment:

  1. A log of 40 cases in the SOAP format showcasing the spectrum of Family Medicine comprising acute and chronic cases as well as preventive medicine. The cases must include at least 10% Obstetrics and Gynaecology cases, 10% Paediatric cases, 10% Geriatric cases.
  2. Video consultations of 3 Adult Medicine cases and 3 Paediatric cases.

Candidates will be assessed through:

  1. One hour viva voce on the log of 40 cases, and
  2. One hour viva voce on the 6 video consultations


The candidate must pass both the viva voce of the Log of the 40 cases as well as the viva voce of the video consultations to satisfy the conditions for award of the Collegiate Membership of the College of Family Physicians Singapore [MCFP(S)]. 


The fee for MCFP(S) by Assessment is S$4,287.65 (inclusive of 7% GST).

Upon successfully passing the Assessment, the candidate will need to pay S$1,175.47 [S$ 374.50 (Inclusive of 7% GST) Entrance fee and $800.97 (Inclusive of 7% GST) Initiation fee].

For enquiries on the next Assessment, please contact the Secretariat at

Download registration form HERE

The application, cheque payment and all required documents must be received by 18 August 2017 (Friday).