Membership Renewal (Payment Methods)

Payment Methods for College Membership Renewal

1) PayNow to UEN: S71SS0039J

2) Cheque Payment

3) Login to Member's Area for your Membership Renewal via PayPal or Credit Card.

Membership fee for:
1 Year
(inclusive of 9% GST)
Membership fees for:
2 Years
(inclusive of 9% GST)
Membership fees for:
3 Years
(inclusive of 9% GST)
Membership fees for:
4 Years
(inclusive of 9% GST)

Members whose membership subscription fees are in arrears must pay the fees in arrears owed to the College in addition to the current year membership renewal fees.

[Example] If your membership fees is in arrears for one year, you will need to pay the current year membership fee plus one year fees in arrears (e.g. 2 years membership fees in total).

If your subscription continues to be in arrears for 3 years, your membership will be terminated in accordance with Article XIII Section 1 of the College Constitution which states:

Any member whose Annual Subscription shall become in arrears for three years, shall ipso facto cease to be a member of the College.