Fellowship Programme (FCFPS)

Registration period for FCFP(S) 2024 - 2026 is from 24 May 2024 to 9 June 2024.

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The Fellowship is a part-time structured programme serves to enhance and complement the trainee’s own sphere of clinical experience and practice. It consists of didactic lectures, small group discussion and presentations, workshops and seminars, direct supervision and self-directed learning. Each group of 3-4 trainees will be under the direct supervision of 1 supervisor & 1 resource person.

The Fellowship [FCFP(S)] by Assessment is awarded to candidates who successfully completes the 24-month Advanced Specialty Training (AST) programme in Family Medicine conducted by the College and passes the Fellowship Summative Exit Examination. The programme is offered to doctors who have successfully completed basic structured family medicine training in an approved training programme, namely the Master of Medicine (Family Medicine) [MMed(FM)] at the National University of Singapore or its equivalent.


The aims of the programme are to:

  • Provide structured advanced directed and self-initiated learning
  • Provide supervision and mentorship for the advanced clinical practice of family/community medicine 
  • Provide a framework for the education and research in the practice of family medicine

The programme aims to guide the trainees to achieve at least the Level 4 Milestones in the domains described in the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Family Medicine Milestones. These domains include:

  1. Patient Care
  2. Medical Knowledge
  3. Systems-Based Practice
  4. Practice-Based Learning and Improvement
  5. Professionalism
  6. Interpersonal and Communication Skills

On completion of the programme, the advanced trainee is conferred the title of Fellow of the College of Family Physicians Singapore (FCFPS) and will be able to function as a Consultant Family Physician.


1) Professional & Academic Qualifications

The applicant must fulfil the following entry requirements:

    • Possess the MMed (Family Medicine), Singapore and is a current Ordinary Member of the College of Family Physicians Singapore 1


    • Possess the MCFP(S), and is a current Collegiate Member of the College of Family Physicians Singapore

2) Clinical Practice

Currently in active clinical practice i.e. 24 clinical hours per week, of which 8 hours must be in a family medicine setting as defined by the College Constitution.

a) Ambulatory care in the community
b) Intermediate care in the community hospitals and rehabilitation centres
c) Long term care in the nursing homes, residential care and home based care
d) Hospice and home based end-stage diseases care
e) Interface care which is care within acute hospitals in the interface with the other settings

3) Nomination of 2 Referees

Please inform your referees that we will reach out to them with a link to submit the referee report. All referee reports have to be submitted by 17 June 2024 (Monday).


1Before admission to the Summative Exit Examination, a candidate with MMed (Family Medicine), Singapore will need to be a Collegiate Member of the College of Family Physicians, Singapore [MCFP(S)] by Election.



The trainee must fulfil the following requirements to sit for the Fellowship Summative Exit Examination:

1) Attend all tutorials, lessons and fulfil all deliverables (e.g teaching activities, Family Medicine Review Course). All activities and sessions are compulsory unless otherwise stated. Any absence may lead to ineligibility to sit for the final Summative Assessment.
2) Possess the Collegiate Membership of the College of Family Physicians Singapore [MCFP (S)]. 
3) Satisfactory completion of all training requirements (see table 1).
4) Maximum 4 months leave (inclusive of maternity leave, in-camp training, hospitalisation leave, leave of absence etc) for the 2-year AST programme. Apart from maternity leave, in-camp training and hospitalisation leave, all extended leave more than a month will require approval on a case-by-case basis from the Programme Director and the Censors Board. If the trainee needs to take additional maternity leave, it will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
5) Must pass (score at least 60%) in the 3 domains of the Continual Assessment: Research, Medical Pedagogy and Clinical Assessment.
6) 40 teaching hours during the 2 year AST programme in a medical national programme (undergraduate medical teaching in NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine / Duke-NUS / NTU Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine or post-graduate teaching in GDFM or MMed(FM) programmes). This includes the FM Residency Programme, MMed(FM) College Route and any other programmes leading to MMed(FM) training. A minimum of 10 teaching hours must be from GDFM and/or College MMed(FM) tutorship. (It is a requirement for all trainees to be formally appointed by the College of Family Physicians Singapore as a GDFM or MMed(FM) tutor)
7) Must apply and sit for the Summative Exit Examination after completing the advanced specialty training programme and not later than 4 years from the year of enrolment into the programme. If the trainee does not successfully pass the Summative Exit Examination by then, he/she is expected to re-apply and restart the AST programme.



The candidate will need to fulfil all the following in order to successfully graduate from the FCFP(S) Programme:

  1. Fulfils & completes all requirements in Portfolio Checklist
  2. Fulfils all criteria listed in Hand Book
  3. Successfully pass the Summative Exit Examination
  4. Turn up for the Conferment Ceremony at Convocation



There are three core modules to be completed in 24 months:

  • Clinical practice (CP) comprising case studies discussions and clinical tutorials that reinforce the roles of a Consultant Family Physician.
  • Scholarly activities (SA) consisting of medical writing, evidence-based review and original research.
  • Medical pedagogy (MP) consisting of teaching, giving and receiving feedback, planning, delivering, and evaluating learning activities and creation of assessment tools.

Components and Timing of Completion 

The AST Programme consists of three modules and the timing of completion is shown in Table 1.

Clinical Work

It is expected that the advanced trainee will be engaged in active clinical practice, > / = 24 hours/week, of which 8 hours must be in one or more of the following College accredited Family Medicine clinical settings:

a)    Ambulatory care in the community
b)    Intermediate care in the community hospitals and rehabilitation centres
c)    Long term care in the nursing homes, residential care and home based care
d)    Hospice and home based end-stage diseases care
e)    Interface care which is care within acute hospitals in the interface with the other settings

Commencement of the programme is in July each year and training will end in June at the second year of the training.




Year 1

Year 1

Year 2

Year 2





  • Tutorials
  • Case studies (Required: 5)


Participate in monthly Clinical Practice group meetings

(Minimum 75% overall attendance & 50% attendance for every 6-month period)  












  • Research skills workshops (9)
  • Research Project OR Systematic / Scoping Review (Required: 1)



Nine workshops

  • Organise and attend a minimum 20 hours’ worth of workshop time (Full attendance is expected)








  • MMed(FM) Trainees/GDFM Trainees/FM Residents/Medical Students


  • National Family Medicine (FM) Event

  • Development of MMed (FM) course materials and assessment tools


  • Minimum 10 teaching activities (including chairing of 2 GDFM workshop/s)
  • Minimum 40 hours of teaching in any medical national programme, of which at least 10 hours must be from a College Programme (Trainees are required to be formally appointed by CFPS as tutors)
  • Organise and attend a FM teaching/learning activity under CFPS
  • Attachment to IFM to organize and plan Medical Pedagogy Learning sessions
    (Full attendance is expected)



ASSESSMENT (6 monthly)

Year 1

06 m

Year 1

12 m

Year 2

18 m

Year 2

22 m

  • Milestone Review with Supervisors





  • Research Project Formative Assessment







  • Medical Pedagogy Formative Assessment








  • Clinical Assessment on Patient Care





  • Global Assessment by Supervisors


Assessed over the 2-year course

  • Summative Exit Examination


At the end of training programme


Registration Fees

Registration Fees  


There will be a non-refundable Registration Fee of S$218.00 (inclusive of prevailing GST) at the point of application.

Programme Fees

Programme Fees 


The Programme Fees for the Family Medicine Fellowship Programme is S$20,522.54 (inclusive of prevailing GST) for the two years, and includes three attempts at the Clinical Assessment.

Exclusion of Fees

  • Programme Fees does not include Summative Exit Examination, Entrance and Initiation Fees.
  • Programme Fees does not include attempts for the Clinical Re-Assessments beyond the initial three granted.

Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous Fees refer to any non-compulsory fees which the students pay only when applicable. Such fees are normally collected by the PEI when the need arises.

Examination Fees

To sit for the Summative Exit Examination, trainees will be required to submit the exam application form for the examination to the College. The Examination Fees for Cohort 2024 - 2026 is S$5,373.69 (inclusive of prevailing GST).

Entrance and Initiation Fees

On successful completion of the training programme and exit examination, the Fellowship trainee is required to pay the prevailing FCFP(S) Entrance Fees (S$545.00; inclusive of prevailing GST) and Initiation Fees (S$3,888.86; inclusive of prevailing GST).

Purpose of Fee

(with GST, if any)

Summative Exit Examination Fees (Cohort 2024 – 2026)

The Summative Exit Examination fees are payable when the student has successfully completed the programme and decides to apply to sit for the Summative Exit Exam.

The Examination Fees stated is valid only for the Summative Exit Exam that will be held in 2026. If the student opts to apply for the exam at a later date, the student will be required to pay the revised Examination Fees that corresponds to the year of the exiting cohort.


Entrance Fees

The Entrance Fees are payable when the student successfully passes the Summative Exit Examination.


Initiation Fees

The Initiation Fees are payable when the student successfully passes the Summative Exit Examination.


Clinical Re-Assessment Fees

The student is granted a total of three attempts at the Clinical Assessment. If the student is not successful thereafter, he/she may join the next cohort at the discretion of the Programme Directors and Censors Board.

The Clinical Re-Assessment fees will be payable for each subsequent attempt that is granted to the student.


Refund Policies

  • As the training positions are limited, only shortlisted candidates will be invited for a selection interview. Registration Fees will not be refunded to unsuccessful candidates.
  • Successful candidates will be required to sign a Student Contract between CFPS and the candidate. 

% of Programme Fees 

If Student’s written notice of withdrawal is received: 


During the cooling-off period of seven (7) working days after the date that the Student Contract has been signed


After signing of the Student Contract 


  • Trainees are to keep proper and updated records on their logbooks.
  • The Fellowship trainee will submit the log book to his/her Mentor for review once every six months. Failure of satisfactory progress may result in extension or termination of the Fellowship Programme.

Deferment Policy

No deferment is allowed.