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As Singapore embarks on HealthierSG and with the upcoming Health and Information Bill, the adoption of Smart Clinic Management Systems (CMSes) by primary care physicians (PCPs) in private practice is expected to increase. The CMS Sutra project is conducted by the College of Family Physicians Singapore (CFPS) and supported by the MOH Office for Healthcare Transformation (MOHT). CMS Sutra seeks to provide a progressive series of independent reviews about the current state and functionalities of the major commercially available CMSes so as to assist PCPs in making an informed decision on the adoption of a suitable CMS.

CMS Sutra’s review methodology involves following a mixed-methods structure, both surveying the general GP population as well as in depth discussions with CFPS appointed reviewers who are users of the different CMSes to understand the capabilities of the CMSes in real-world clinic workflows. 

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*CMS Sutra Review 1 was conducted over September 2023 - December 2023 and reflects the surveyors and reviewers input in this given time period. CMS Sutra understands that improvements have been made since then across the various different CMSes.

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  Results are based on a 5 point metric
covering a total of 211 submitted entries by GPs and Clinic Assistants

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Clinic Assist

Clinic Assist Software (CAS) streamlines the capture of patient data, seamlessly integrating into clinic workflows to input and access information without disruption. The platform offers a unified interface, presenting doctors with comprehensive patient details on a single page, enhancing the efficiency of care through quick access and review of relevant data.

CAS simplifies subsidy computations with complex structures, saving time and mitigating the risk of errors inherent in manual calculations. The software incorporates data validation features, ensuring the accuracy and adherence to standards in entered information. This is vital for maintaining data integrity, especially for submissions related to HealthierSG and National Electronic Health Records (NEHR), contributing significantly to regulatory compliance and fostering a more interconnected and comprehensive healthcare system.

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Galen Health

Galen Health Clinic Management System is a user-friendly platform designed by clinicians for clinical use. It streamlines operations for healthcare providers, including GPs, Specialists, and Medical Groups. The system significantly reduces the clinic's administrative workload and enhances patient engagement.  

Galen Health CMS offers a comprehensive suite of end-to-end solutions that improve patient care, leading to better health outcomes while simultaneously enhancing the clinic’s efficiency and eliminating unnecessary costs.
 Galen Health CMS key features include streamlining patient scheduling and registration, maintaining electronic medical records, integrating lab reports, managing claims, drug inventory, and medical as well as corporate billing. 

As a SmartCMS participant, Galen Health CMS seamlessly integrates with programmes and initiatives like CHAS, HealthierSG, as well as the National Electronic Health Records (NEHR). Its encrypted and secure CMS has also been tested and trusted by over 150 clinics across Singapore. 

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SGiMED Hummingbird CMS

The Hummingbird Management System aims to provide users with an efficient and easy to use software management system for your medical practices.

Hummingbird has a variety of modules readily available for users to add into their system, which will be useful to automate or streamline a variety of tasks. With the use of modules such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR), queue number tracking, tele-consult system, cashless payment module, health screening and picture archiving and communications system (PACs) integration

The Hummingbird CMS is also compatible with government systems such as Healthier SG, Integrated with National Electronic Health Records (NEHR) System, this creates a seamless flow of information between different healthcare providers and the Ministry of Health.

Hummingbird has a team of experts ready to take GPs’ unique requests, to help create the ideal management system for your medical practices.

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Plato is a GP Clinic Operating System. 3000 doctors across Southeast Asia use Plato to automate their full clinic operations. At the front desk, Plato fully automates appointment booking, queuing, and registration. Process each patient with less effort, while still running patient-centric clinic operations.

For GPs, Plato works efficiently. Case notes can be repeated in a click and key items can be grouped together to speed up dispensing. Plato has an integrated EMR: to receive direct lab and radiology results, trend results, and auto-populate results into HealthierSG and PCN reporting. Plato is a Tier One SmartCMS Partner which can manage CHAS, CDMP, HealthierSG, and NEHR data and/or claims submission right in Plato. It can also compare CHAS Chronic and HealthierSG claims and manage ALPS delivery. 

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GPConnect is a Tier-1 Healthier SG compatible clinic management system (CMS) specifically designed to meet the needs of general practitioners (GPs) in Singapore. With its comprehensive range of features and user-friendly interface, GPConnect serves as a vital tool for GPs and their clinic assistants, streamlining daily clinic operations from patient registration and consultations to medicine dispensation and billing in tandem with MOH policy changes.

GPConnect also serves as an electronic medical record (EMR) system with several features that enhance efficiency and ensure the seamless management of patient information. With the EMR, GPs can now store their medical records digitally, thereby facilitating easy retrieval and analysis while eliminating the need for physical storage space.

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