The Singapore Family Physician

Back to issue Vol 47 No. 6 - Update: Malnutrition, Muscle Loss and Sarcopenia

Social Anxiety Disorder is not just shyness: A Common but Underdiagnosed Condition

Seow Su Yin
Tan Chunzhen,
Kwok Kah Foo Victor
The Singapore Family Physician Vol 47 No 6 - Update: Malnutrition, Muscle Loss and Sarcopenia
43 - 47
1 May 2021
Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is a common but unfortunately under-recognised type of anxiety disorder, leading to 80 percent of the patients undertreated. SAD can present a diagnostic challenge to primary care physicians as patients may present only when they start developing psychiatric comorbidities. Recognition and differential diagnosis of SAD is important for primary care physicians as untreated SAD is highly associated with comorbidities and significant functional impairment. Our objective in presenting this case series of SAD is to illustrate the typical and atypical ways SAD can present, including an atypical case that may have been mistaken as a psychotic disorder. We also discuss the differential diagnosis, Etiology and treatment for SAD. SAD often shows good response to medications and psychotherapy. Hence, it is important to recognise and provide appropriate early intervention to prevent the development of comorbidities and improve function.