The Singapore Family Physician

Back to issue Vol 48 No. 2 - Geriatric Care 2022

Modern Geriatric Giants: Sarcopenia and Frailty

Kua Ee Chia Joanne
The Singapore Family Physician Vol 48 No 2 - Geriatric Care 2022
1 March 2022
A large proportion of older adults visit the family physician’s practice within the community. It is imperative for the family physician to be familiar not just with the common geriatric syndromes but also to be aware of modern geriatric giants like sarcopenia and frailty as they are associated with adverse outcomes that can significantly affect the older adult’s function. They can be readily identified with simple screening tools like SARC-F and FRAIL scale. Management will consist of multifactorial interventions, focusing especially on resistance exercises and protein supplementation.