The Singapore Family Physician

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Doctor, I Want My Stoma Reversed.” A Family Physician’s Approach to Management of New “Ostomates

Han Xiao
Cai Junjie
Jiang Song En Jeffrey
The Singapore Family Physician Vol 48 No 2 - Geriatric Care 2022
59 - 63
1 March 2022
We aim to inform on the pivotal role that a family physician can play in the healthcare journey of a patient with a permanent or long-term stoma (ostomate). Mr. J, a 78-year-old retired businessman, had been newly diagnosed with moderately differentiated caecal adenocarcinoma. He was expediently sent for surgery, but subsequently developed dire post-operative complications. Mr. J underwent multiple corrective operations and managed to survive this unfortunate turn of events. However, he inadvertently found himself forced into the position of caring for his stoma, an unfamiliar entity, which became an affliction that he was initially unable to accept. Mr. J was determined to undergo stoma reversal surgery to renounce his role despite a multitude of associated risks. His family physician was able to collaborate with him to understand and elucidate his concerns and managed to pace with him to work towards living better with his stoma.